Our CSR Statement

Our CSR Statement

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is fundamental to INTERHILL’s culture and core values. It reflects the corporate and environmental sustainability commitments we make to our clients, shareholders, business partners, employees and our communities. These commitments enable us to perform with the highest standards of good governance and ethics; provide products and services that meet the rising expectations of our clients and business partners; attract and retain quality employees; provide meaningful support in our communities and improve the social and environmental impacts of our business practices.

The three key areas of CSR at INTERHILL comprise of Education, Women Empowerment and Environment.


At Interhill, we believe that education is the fundamental foundation of each individual.

Therefore, we start by nurturing and providing a strong foundation for our young generation. Emphasizing on our younger generation and shaping our future leaders, we look to ultimately contribute to the betterment of our community and country.

Education provides a better quality of life.

We at Interhill also believe in the value of education as one of the chief catalysts for poverty eradication. The role of education in poverty eradication, in close co-operation with other social sectors, cannot be overemphasized. No country has succeeded where its people has not been educated. It is through education where most poor communities successfully break the cycle of poverty.

Holding true to this belief, and with the wonderful support of non-governmental organisations and volunteers, Interhill embraces the following objectives:

  • To provide aid and assistance to students and other members of the community seeking to advance their current level of education onto a higher platform;
  • To create awareness and to promote recognition on the importance and advantages of education amongst the communities;
  • To research into and subsequently target pockets of the community whom are at a highly disadvantaged level economically, and to create programs and initiatives to encourage the pursuit of education within these pockets;
  • To support the creation, development and establishment of facilities and structures related to the advancement of education;
  • To advocate and endorse the development of a clean, safe and decent environment for the process of learning.

Visit our official Interhill Education Initiative website at www.interhill-education-initiative.com and our mentoring project at www.after-schoolproject.com



We believe in women’s empowerment for social change.

INTERHILL seeks to educate and create awareness amongst women of their rights, freedom and entitlement as women in a community. We seek to focus on notions of self-worth and dignity, solidarity among women and bodily integrity, as well as creating awareness against gender based violence.

Our three key areas in stepping up our women empowerment efforts:

Educational Empowerment: About two thirds of the illiterate adults in the world are female. Interhill aims to educate and empower women through education. Education can guarantee higher levels of education and economic opportunity for the children through education awareness and in understanding its importance.

Economic Empowerment: Around the world, a disproportionately large number of women live in poverty. Economic disproportions continue partially because most of the unpaid work within families and communities falls on the shoulders of women who also face discrimination in the community and economic sphere. Interhill aims to provide support in a women’s economic strength through continuous awareness in various mediums like workshops and seminars.

Women’s well-being: In Malaysia, women are usually in charge of securing water, food and overseeing her family’s health and diet. Interhill believes that continuous educational awareness towards health and well-being will eradicate serious health issues faced by individual children and families.

Visit our official Interhill Women Empowerment Programme at www.interhillforwomen.com



Interhill is addressing global concerns for the environment by designing business practices that provide the ability to minimise our impact on the environment. Interhill is committed to adopting environmentally responsible policies in its operations wherever it operates.

We adopt an environmental policy that is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • To invest in the research, development and improvement of new business practices, products and applications to enable us to meet or exceed our environmental aspirations;
  • To implement best environmental practices in all of our activities;
  • To manage our resources to minimise raw material usage, dispose correctly of waste, reduce harmful emissions, and promote energy conservation and recycling;
  • To raise environmental awareness amongst our employees and stakeholders to enable them to carry out their work or businesses with due consideration for the environment;
  • To adopt a 3R environmental policy that is designed to achieve the following objectives:

Reduce – Interhill emphasises on waste reduction by using natural resources sensibly in order circumvent waste.

Reuse – Interhill focuses on reusing and fully utilising materials in their original form in helping the environment and decreasing waste quantity.

Recycle – Interhill brings stakeholders together with recycling efforts by managing resources to promote energy conservation and recycling