At Interhill, we believe that the best part of our business is the ability to give back to our communities. Therefore, we are guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the integration of good ESG practices into our business operations.

We intend to grow our businesses meaningfully and responsibly, by focusing on causes relating to Education, Healthcare and various sustainable corporate responsibility initiatives. We believe that if our communities are well, we are well too.

Interhill Cares

We focus on positive investments by engaging with local communities where the Group has direct impact and where stakeholders may have an influence on operations. These investments aim to bring about progressive changes within the communities, encompassing areas such as advancement of education, assistance to the under-privileged and local talents and disaster relief.

Green Interhill

We are mindful of the impacts that our business operations have on our environment, and constantly strive to be more efficient and conscientious in exploring ways of ‘going green’.

Ultimately, we believe that our business operations must be conducted in a way that ensures our future generations will have enough natural resources to maintain a quality of life equal to if not better than that of current generations.